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  1. Your story is has played over and over throughout my travels to Cambodia and Vietnam. I remember 12 yrs ago first trip to Sapa. My G-friend at the time was buying something and I was in another booth saw the same thing. The quoted me 20 dong ($1) Friends price was 30 dong ($1.50). I bought the $1 and the girl who didn’t get the sale started crying. After words, I thought here I’m saving 50 cents and unhappy Vietnamese girl crying. I like to haggle and don’t want to be ripped off because I’m a foreigner, but for 50 cent…I learned my listen. I did buy t shirts at Angkor during this last trip, but I chose the place and time. Another story is the children selling postcards. 10 for $1. I have pictures camera etc etc. 3 yrs ago I bought 100 postcards of San Francisco (I’m from Bay area) for 5 cent each, Borders was going out of business. All my travels I give these out to people I meet, children, adults etc etc. They want to sell me something, I just hand them a card and explain I live in this area of USA. Strange looks, for sure, but no tears. Thanks for listening Chuck Kuhn Photography

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