Cambodia, home and the soul of Khmer people

Come with us on a journey to Cambodia and let yourself be enchanted by unique culture, loving people, exceptional stories and culinary delicacies.

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Cambodia is
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Skyline of Angkor Wat
Skyline of Angkor Wat

Cambodia, the land of the Khmer, of pepper and of course the world”s largest ancient city, Angkor. Here at Visit Angkor we take you on a journey to this extraordinary country. We show you the provinces and the most beautiful places.

You will meet people who are passionate about Cambodia for very different reasons. The Khmer language, food, lifestyle, Buddhism, handicrafts, special plants and animals. All this and much more that there is to tell about the kingdom.

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Certainly, some things are not (yet) mentioned. But well, that’s just the way it is. Visit Angkor is something like living: In flow, steady, organic, simply everything – just not perfect. But we are happy to help.

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Visit Angkor

Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder

Khmer Woman with a child | Floating Village, Cambodia

Cambodia, land of the glorious Khmer with ancient myths and legends. Once you catch the famous Cambodia fever, you can’t get rid of it. When I think of Cambodia, every day …

In 2012, I – Inga – launched “Visit Angkor”. The first and since then only blog in German and English about Cambodia. What started out as “I’ll just write something about Angkor and so on” has since grown into a substantial life project.

Countless impressions, pictures and stories about Angkor, the people and their language, the food – all this and much more is gradually finding its way here to Visit Angkor. At the moment a mental journey, but hopefully soon on the ground again.

In 2020, something very special came up for Visit Angkor and for me: Rüdiger – when he is not in Cambodia, he too lives mentally in the Kingdom of Wonders. And now he is writing here at Visit Angkor. What a gift! You want to know more? Just have a look at about us. There you can find out (almost) everything about us :-)


of Angkor

UNESCO world heritage

bayon angkor faces bodhisattva lokeshvara

Bayon – the mysterious

Built at the end of the 12th century by King Jayarvarman VII, the Bayon with its enigmatic stone-carved faces still bears witness to the immense power of the Khmer people at that time.

terrace of the elephants angkor

Terrace of the Elephants

The place where King Jayavarman VII attended the games and magnificent parades. The terrace owes its name to the elephants carved in stone.

Ta Prohm - rainy season, green - East Gate, Carving

Ta Prohm – even more famous due to Tomb Raider

Ever since the Tomb Raider blockbuster flickered across cinema screens around the world, Ta Prohm has been considered one of the most famous temples of Angkor. Every day, people from all over the world marvel at the strangler fig-rooted masonry. Ta Prohm – the magic of a different world that is unparalleled.

Phnom Bakheng, sunset - Photo: Sok Kakada

Phnom Bakheng

Since tourists from all over the world travel to Angkor, Phnom Bakheng is generally considered the indisputable hotspot for sunset. But it is especially worthwhile to climb the small hill in the early morning hours.

terrace of the leper king angkor cambodia

Terrace of the Leper King

The Terrace of the Leper King appears small and inconspicuous. But a closer look reveals the magic in the faces of the countless reliefs.

North Gate, Angkor Thom - Cambodia

Angkor Thom – the big city

The main gate in the south to the big city: Angkor Thom. Scene of Khmer life in the omnipresence of the mighty kings and their entourage.


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