Map of Angkor - project of iiCamp in Cambodia


  1. Hey this is great! I hear you can buy a Angkor pass the day before from 5pm and it is valid to go see a sunset that evening. Can you use it the following evening also for another sunset or is it just valid for 24 hours?

  2. Hi Inga,
    Glad I found your site. Need place to stoy with bicycle near temples if you could share a few spots. Comfort and quiet over amenities. Away from tourists great. Anything near Chita’s Cafe?

    1. Hi John, thank you for your nice feedback! About your question: There is no option to stay in the Angkor Park directly. But there are some places which are close like Manuela Eric Homestay (friends of mine) with fantastic breakfast:
      More close is a big hotel named Sokha Palace Siem Reap Hotel:
      Hope I could help you. Wish you a wonderful stay in Cambodia <3
      Best :)

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