1. Hi, I am also intoxicated with Cambodia! But I very curious there are hardly find any Milky Way photo about Angkor, it’s a pity what wasted such fantastic architecture…
    Could you give some advise some place I can stay whole night to take photos of Milky Way?

    1. Hi Rowley,
      yes you are right, I was also wondering. At Angkor Wat you are not able to stay during night. I was at Bayon early in the morning. But we had to walk from South Gate Angkor Thom to that temple because our Minivan was not allowed to drive in at 3:30 am. I published an article, unfortunately not in English language yet. This is why I did not answer, because I wanted to translate for you first. But you can have a look of the results here: https://www.visit-angkor.org/de/2019/04/21/milchstrasse-am-bayon-tempel-fotografieren/

      At Phnom Bakheng this must be fantastic for taking photos of Milky Way as the view is amazing in every direction. But I am not sure about the lights around, maybe too much. I think it is possible to go up at night. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine was there for sunrise and nobody was there.

      Phnom Krom – maybe a little bit too much trees around on top.

      Srah Srang lake – also a nice place for sunrise and sunset. During dry season you can easily walk through and stay in the middle of the lake fof instance.

      Hope I could help you. I took a look at your photos, they are wonderful! Would love to know about your experiences about Milky Way at Angkor.

      Best :)

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