To visit the temples of Angkor, you need a valid ticket. You can either buy it at the ticket office on site or order it online. On this page I have compiled all the important information about the Angkor Pass.

1 Day$ 371 Day5 Days
3 Days$ 623 Days10 Days
7 Days$ 727 Days30 Days

The prices apply only to foreign visitors. There is no discount for students, but for children younger than 12 is free (with showing their passport). For Cambodians, a visit to the Angkor temples is still free, which is very good!

New: Also cards not just $ cash

The ticket counters now accept not just cash but also payment with Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.

Angkor - Ticket counter accept payments with cards now
Image Source Angkor Enterprise

Period of validity for Angkor Passes

Practical: With a 3 or 7-day pass, the viewing days do not have to immediately follow on from each other.

  • 1 day: The ticket is valid for 5 days from the date of purchase. During this time you can visit the temples of Angkor in one day.
  • 3 days: The ticket is valid for 10 days from the date of purchase. So you can choose the three days you want to visit the Angkor temples within this period.
  • 7 days: The ticket is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Here you even have a whole month to visit the Angkor temples on seven days of your choice.

TIP: Buy your ticket in the evening after 5pm. From this time, onwards your ticket will be valid for the next day. On the same evening, you can also watch the sunset at Angkor Park for free. Phnom Bakheng, however, you will probably not manage, as it is very crowded there. But you can watch the sunset at the Srah Srang Lake, where it will be much more tranquil.

Opening Hours for the Angkor Park and Angkor Ticket Office

  • Angkor Ticket Center (Angkor Enterprise): Daily from 5.00am until 5.30pm
  • Angkor Wat and Srah Srang: Daily from 5.00am until 5.30pm.
  • Phnom Bakheng and Pre Rup: Daily from 5.00am until 7pm.
  • All other Temples: Daily from 7.30am until 5.30pm. (Except for Phnom Kulen. You will need to buy an extra ticket to visit these.)

TIP: Visit the main temple in the center of Angkor Wat at noon after you have looked at other temples. For one thing, the ascent to the main temple of Angkor Wat is open only from 9.30 am and for another it is jam-packed there in the mornings.

You can get an Angkor-Pass here

You can get your ticket to Angkor Park at Angkor Enterprise. This is the new institution for ticket sales of Angkor Passes. The address is: Street 60, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia. But do not worry: every Tuk-Tuk driver knows exactly where the tickets are sold. And all Tuk-Tuk drivers are keen to get a day trip to the Angkor temple, because they earn good money for their journey.

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Brand new: Buy Angkor Ticket online!

Yes, there is an option to buy the Angkor Ticket online. How and where you can get the ticket, I told you in the article “Online ticket for Angkor Wat & Angkor Park: How it works & where to buy”

Tip: Book your Angkor-Tour now online at GetYourGuide*.

More information about your Angkor-Pass

  • Important: Make sure that your shoulders and knees are covered when purchasing the ticket. Otherwise, you may not get one.
  • The one-day ticket counters are located on the right-hand side of the Angkor Ticket Center. This is also where you will find the largest number of people.
  • The counters for the 3-day tickets are in the middle and those for the 7-day tickets are on the left.
  • A photo of you will be taken at the counter. Recently, Staff have taken to asking people to smile for their photos :-)
  • The Angkor pass is not transferable to a nother person.
  • Very important: Be careful not to lose your Angkor Pass whilst you are on the Angkor site. The penalties are severe. If you lose a 1-day ticket, the penalty is $ 100. The loss of a 3-day ticket will cost you $ 200, and a 7-day ticket will cost you $ 300. 

How the ticket center looks like

I discovered this 360 degree photo at Google. It shows the new Ticket Center in Angkor Park with the individual counters.

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2 $ per Angkor Ticket for the Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital Fund

On November 1, 2016, Angkor Enterprise declared in an official announcement that $2 from the sale of each ticket will be donated to the Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital Fund. I think this is great, because all treatments in the Kantha Bopha children’s hospital are free of charge. The hospital operates solely through donations. The Swiss founder of Kantha Bopha – Dr. Beat Richner – is no longer as young as he was and with donations from the entrance fees of the Angkor Tickets a least a part of the costs would be covered. Wonderful! On your visit to Angkor, you also support the valuable work of Dr. Beat Richner’s children’s hospital. And as for the rest of the entry price, I think that some part of the entrance fee is used for the preservation of the Angkor Temples and the remainder goes to the Cambodian government.

Documentation of income from the entry fees

Since January 2016, Angkor Enterprise has been publishing all revenues from the entry fees of the Angkor Passes. This shows exactly how many 1 day, 3 day and 7 day passes were sold. In December 2016 the numbers were:

  • 1 Day: 143,192 Angkor-Tickets
  • 3 Day: 103,997 Angkor-Tickets
  • 7 Day: 2,293 Angkor-Tickets

In December 2016, a total of 249,482 people visited the Angkor Temples. Revenues from the tickets sold amounted to $7,171,300. If you calculate $2 for each ticket sold – you get nearly $500,000 for the Kantha Bopha Children’s Fund. Great!

Source: Official Statistics on the Angkor Enterprise Website.

Reaction to the new entrance fees to Angkor-Park

The reactions to the new entrance fees are varied. Some people fear that tourists will not stay, on the other hand some believe that the price is quite justified, especially as it is the first increase made in 22 years. In this video, there are more opinions on the new entrance fees:


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By the beginning of 2016, Angkor Park was still under contract from the SOKIMEX Group. Their subsidiary Sokha Hotel Co. LTD was responsible for processing all the entry fees from Angkor Park. The revenues were distributed on behalf of SOKIMEX, for the preservation of Angkor Park and to the Cambodian state. Today, the Sokha Hotel Co. LTD operates a large hotel complex with Sokha Siem Reap Resort and Convention Center  in the immediate vicinity of the Angkor Temples. The administration of the entry fees is now the responsibility of Angkor Enterprise, a company mentioned at the outset. Both then and now, the Apsara National Authority (the agency responsible for the protection of the site and the administration of the Angkor region) is responsible for the preservation of the Angkor temples and land used for the people living in Angkor Park. This agency has existed since 19 February 1995 and is linked with the inclusion of Angkor in the UNESCO world cultural heritage program.

More info for your stay in Siem Reap

In these articles, you can find further information here on visit Angkor for your stay in Siem Reap:

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Phare, the Cambodian Circus

A highlight in Siem Reap! Buy tickets online directly on the Circus Phare website*.

angkor wat sonnenstern


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  1. Hi Inga.
    Pardon me for correcting:
    “Buy your ticket in the evening before 5pm. From this time, onwards your ticket will be valid for the next day.”
    It should be after 5pm instead of before.

  2. Hi Inga,

    Thanks for the post.
    I have a question. Is it safe to lock the bicycle in front of each temple to go inside ? I love to bike around different temples ( since they are far from each other ) but not sure if parking is safe.

    1. Hi Duc, it depends on the bike which you rent. You can have a “normal” bike, the risk is small in this case. With a mountain bike, you should use a good lock. Usually you receive them at the bike station. Do not forget to lock the bike at a fixed place, like a tree or so. Hope I could help you, best :) Inga

  3. Hello Inga,

    Your post are very helpful. I am flying in on a late Saturday night and leaving Tuesday late afternoon. How do you recommend I spend my days in Siem Reap? Aside from the temples what are the must see places and things to do? Is using the hotel’s guide good enough?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Vic, thank you for your comment. Oh yes, there are many things to do in Siem Reap :-) Give me a little time, I’ll write an article this week with tips. Best :) Inga

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  5. Hi Inga,
    We are going to Siem reap on 26 mar morning and return on 27th march noon. What are the must visit places? I have a 8 months old baby. This is my first trip with my baby. Can i take stroller to Siem Reap and to the temples tour? Please suggest. Can we take small breaks in the middle of tour to feed baby etc?

    1. Hi Divya – for my opinion I would recomment to take a baby carrier, because you will not be able to use a stroller by walking around a temple. Also I would recomment a Tuk Tuk to drive from one temple to another. I would take a car because of air condition – this might not healthy for the baby to go in and out a car from temple to temple. Please be aware: the distance between the temple is a quite long distance by walking. You can take a break, whenever you want when you’ve booked your own Tourguide. To feed the baby, you can stop nearly at every place in the Angkor Park – just tell your Tuk Tuk driver and he will stop soonest by looking for a place with shadow. But it will not be possible in a group.

      Most visited temple are: Angkor Wat sunrise, Bayon and Angkor Thom – there are the most famous temple. Hope I could help you a bit. Just let me know, if you have further questions. Wish you a wonderful time in Cambodia :) Best – Inga

  6. HI Inga,

    I plan to go to Siem Reap to visit the temples on 17th.May.17. How do we get good guides locally. I was looking at the managed tours from Viator and they are quite costly. can you also suggest which ones are the must see temples beside Ankor Vat

  7. Hi Inga! Thank you so much for your blog. I have a couple of questions. I’m traveling with a group but I will be the first arriving and would like to buy their tickets. But I don’t know if it’s possible to buy the ticket for someone who is not there (as they won’t be able to take a photograph), and I don’t know either if I can buy a ticket tomorrow, for instance, to use it on a fixed date, say Thursday next week. Otherwise I will need to go with the group to the place where they sell the tickets the day before we visit.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Patricia, thank you for your comment. About your questions: No, you cannot buy tickets for another person. This is because of the photo they take from each person. One day pass you can only use on the purchased day. Exception: When you buy the ticket after 5pm, it is valid for the next day and you can also visit the park on the same day. The 3 Days ticket is valid for 10 days from the date of purchase. You can choose which three days you wish to visit the Angkor temples on. And the 7 days ticket is valid for one calendar month from the date of purchase. You have a whole month in which to visit the Angkor temples on the seven days of your choice. The validity is printed on the Angkor pass – you can see on top in the main photo of this article. Enjoy your trip to Angkor :)
      Best :)

  8. Hi, thank you for the information. May I know if it’s better to buy a one-day tour to Angkor Wat which includes tuk tuk, English speaking tour guide, entrance fees (Singapore $250 for two people) OR go on our own? Appreciate your advice.

    1. Hi Rena, thank you for your question. Price is ok. Maybe a bit more expensive as if you look by yourself in Siem Reap. It depends on the tourguide you book. I am used to take Angkor Tourguide Ratanak Eath – more details here on his website I highly recommend to take a tourguide – otherwise you just walk around and see nothing, just stones. Hope I could help you and I wish you a fantastic time during your stay in Siem Reap :-)

  9. Hi Inga,
    I’ve a big trouble…I arrive in Siem Reap at 8pm…So I cant find to buy tickets becouse it’s all closed. I stay only 3 other days in Siem Reap to visit Angkor Wat.
    If I’ll go in early mourning to buy ticket (I see that opens at 5 a.m.) I can visit in that day or I’ve to go next day?
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Gianluca,
      thank you for your comment. Yes, you can visit Angkkor on that day. 1 day-pass is only valid on the day of purchase. When you buy a 1 day-pass after 5pm you can visit Angkor next day and visit the sunset on same day for free in the Angkor Park. 3 day-pass is valid for 10 days from the date of purchase. You can choose which three days you wish to visit the Angkor temples on. Hope I could help you and wish you a wonderful time in Cambodia :-)

  10. Thank you very much! I stay for 3 times in Thailand and my dream was ever to visit Angkor Wat and this year, that I’m alone, I decided to visit it and I’ve a billions of questions of fake problems in my head :)

    I find a tour with hotel all inclusive (food + ticket and bus) for 3 days with tourist guide for 300 US Dollars…for you it’s the right price?

    1. You are welcome :) About the price: It depends on what you want. Some people like to pay 200 $ and more per night, others prefer to pay less than 10 $ per night. So I really cannot say, whether this is the right price or not. However the cheaper the price is, the less income is for the locals. Also be aware: By choosing a bus you cannot see Angkor in an individual way, but you have to follow the group. Also I recommend to check, wether the tourist guide in this all inkl. offer is a registrated Angkor guide or not. Unfortunately it becomes more and more a problem at Angkor with not official registrated guides from foreign countries.

    1. Hi Vorak,
      thank you for information – I already heard that. On the other side I received a private message by a women a couple of days ago. Her credit card was debited for three times… ;-) So I dedided to wait a little bit, until the process is more familar to the staff. But I will add this point soonest.
      Best regards, Inga

  11. Hi Inga,

    Angkor Enterprise and the bank provide the service there is smoother the process and the staff there also well trained now. Moreover, so far the bank doesn’t have such record of multiple debited card. Moreover, if you receives any specific issue related to that, please forward to me then I can verify with the bank (since I work with that bank). Thank you.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Vorak,
      thank you so much for you kind offer! I just placed the information about paying with cards in the article. Please let me know, if there is anything to add or something else.
      With best regards,

  12. Hi Inga,

    your post is so helpful, queries this coming October (4th week) we will be visiting siem reap with Family and Friends (12 pax) is it advisable for us to get a tourguide? How about the Weather?

    1. Hi Ivan,
      thank you so much for your friendly feedback! About your questions: Yes, a tourguide for Angkor is advisable. He can give you a lot of stories behind the temples and also tipps. There are a lot of excellent tourguides in Siem Reap. My favorite guide is Ratanak Eath (his website: – You also find a little article about him here on Visit Angkor:

      About the weather: October is the end of rainy season. In the past it happened in some years that parts of Siem Reap were flooded during this time. i cannot say, whether this will happen this year or not. I hope, it will be not flooded.

      Hope I could help you. Wish you and your family and friends a wonderful time in Cambodia!

      Best :)

  13. Hello,
    Is it possible as a foreigner living in Cambodia (with Cambodian licence) to drive your own car into Angkor park?

    1. Hi Art,
      it should be possible for my opinion. But I think there can also remain a risk, that a waiter will not let you in. Just give it a try. In worst case you need to go back. Good luck! Inga

  14. Thank you for your fast reply.
    Yes, looks like you can.
    Just bought ticket from booth, drove up Apsara road, they checked ticket and they let us drive in.

    The guy at the hotel was trying to say that you needed a Cambodian driver, which maybe correct from his perspective.

    But like many things in Cambodia, sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t.

  15. Thanks for the abrupt reply.
    May I ask also if 1st week of October a rainy days in Cambodia?Are foods allowed inside the temples? Lastly are restaurants, tuktuks and merchandise outlets accepting also US currency? Or for these better to pay in Cambodia currrency?

    1. Hi Maro, rainy days in Cambodia usually does not mean, that it rains during the whole day. I think food is allowed in the temple, but you may not make kind of picknick at the holiest places. You can pay everywhere with USD in Siem Reap. Be aware of, that you receive change in Riel (the Cambodian currency). Best :) Inga

  16. Hello again Inga,

    Is Banteay Srei,Koh Ker and Beng Mealea included in the Angkor pass ticket?
    So would suggest to better pay in restaurants, tuktuks and merchandise outlets in Riel? They give the change if paid in Riel?

    1. Hi Maro,
      nice to read from you again :-) Beng Mealea is not included in the Angkor pass ticket. You can pay with USD and when you have in Riel. Small amounts like $ 1 oder 50 Cent you will get the change in Riel. When the change is higher, than you will get USD back. Best :) Inga

  17. Hi Inga
    We are visiting siem reap for 2 days. In which order should we visit the temples with the least amount of crowds? We are trying to do it in one day. Is there a particular spot from where we could take a panaromic photo of angkor wat?
    Also what are the day trips that wecould go on from Siem Reap?
    Many thanks for your helpful advice.

    1. Hi Nikki,
      thank you for your comment. I am actually writing another article with information about visiting the Angkor temple. Tipps for Angkor tours will be included as well. The article will be online this week. Just subscribe to my blog here and you will receive an email notification, when the new article is online.

      Panoramic photo of Angkor Wat is the hotspot with lily flowers. This place ist most crowded in the early morning for sunrise.

      About day trips – just find some inspiration in my article 100 things to do in and around Siem Reap: of course, the list is not complete – I will fill in shortly as well.

      Let me know, if you need more information. Wish you a wonderful time in Siem Reap. Feel free to send me a photo of your best Angkor Moment. I am planning a new readers galery her on my blog.

      Best :)

  18. I’m so sad! I went today, 11am to buy my ticket for tomorrow, but when I sow in my hotel the date was for today. immediatly I came back there, and not change my ticket…I have only tomorrow and I will ned to buy a new ticket, but not is right I pay for a wrong that not is mine… I spend money and time to came to Siem Reap, and now I canot see the Angkor Temples :/

    And the staff gave to see photos in my cellphone… I show, and I had took a photo 11:14 there, the first time.

    1. Oh dear, that is of course annoying and I am so sorry for you. But maybe you can still arrange it for yourself and buy a new Angkor ticket. I wish you all the best! Inga

  19. Hi Inga,
    If you buy your 1 day Angkor pass after 5pm the day before, can you do a Sunset gondola cruise with this ticket?

    1. Hi Vivienne,
      yes, it’s possible. But actually sunset is about 5:30 pm so there might be not enough time to be at South Gate of Angkor Thom for reaching the gondola cruise. But you might can give it a try as the ticket center opens at 4:45 pm – which is not the official opening hour, but information by my Cambodian friend and Tourguide Ratanak.
      Hope I could help you a bit. Wish you a wonderful stay in Cambodia.
      Best :)

  20. Hi Inga and thank you for this informative post. I have visited Angkor four times since 1999 and was thinking of returning for a fifth. But this price increase is just ridiculous. After reading your post, not only have I decided to not visit Angkor again, I will not even visit Cambodia at all! I am very disappointed by this blatant greed and will spend my money in a different country.

  21. Hi Inga! I’ve just finished reading your article. It was truly helpful for me. We are planning on visiting the main temples within the Angkor Archaeological Site and Banteay Srei. I wished to ask you if the Angkor 1-day pass includes the Banteay Srei temple as well or do I need to get another ticket for that one? Do you think it’s possible to see Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm and Banteay Srei in a day? Lastly, do I have to get a special pass for sunrise Angkor Wat viewing?

    Thank you very much in advance for any possible information!

    1. Hi Ary,
      thank you for your nice comment! Yes, Banteay Srei Temple is included. Just for Phnom Kulen and Beng Mealea you need an extra ticket. But: Banteay Srei is quite far away. Best way to to is by car or minivan. Then it is possible to see all these temple in one day. On the other side, it is more charming by visiting the temple with a Tuk Tuk. I recommend not to hesitate from one temple to the next one. The weather is hot, humid and sometime you will like just to sit down and to feel the atmosphere. “Rinning” around can bring you into kind of “stone overkill” :-)

      However, hope I could help you. Wish you a wonderful time in Cambodia. Let me know if you need some more help.

      Best :)

  22. Thank you very much for your reply! After reading your article again I noticed there seems to be an option to purchase a 1-day temple pass after 5pm the day before the visit. However, I don’t know which temple could we visit at sunset (Angkor Wat, the Angkor Thom ones or Ta Prohm) as we would like to attend an apsara dance show to finish the day and have no idea if we could make in time for that.

    My last question would be in regards to the apsara dance show. Sadly we’re only staying in Siem Reap for 3 days and our selected day would be Monday. However, having checked some of the more well known theatres I couldn’t find any performance held on that day.. Do you know of any good apsara dancing or even shadow puppet venues that are being hosted on Mondays in Siem Reap?

    Again, thank you very much for your help and information!

    1. Hi Ary, warmest welcome. Regarding to your question: I wouldn’t recommend to visit one of those temple just for sunset and not during daylight. You’ll miss a lot then, because it’s too dark. Also Angkor Wat is closed inside during that time. For myself, I love to go to Srah Srang lake for Sunset. Not temple over there, but also not crowdy ;-) When will you visit Cambodia?
      Wish you a Merry Christmas!

  23. You stated that we can go in at Angkor Wat at m with passes for the next day. you also said the angkor wat strictly closes at 5:30 pm. When you say it closes, do you mean that everyone in the angkor wat should leave or they just stop letting people in at 5:30 pm (where the people inside can stay till m or whenever the sunset is)?

  24. I would like to know where I can visit with the Angkor ticket.
    Can I visit all temples and all heritage sites in Siem Reap, like Banteay Srei, Roluos, Phnom Kulen?
    Otherwise, can I get the list where I can visit with the ticket?

  25. Hi, now that Beng Mealea is included in the ticket, it would be great if you could take the time to correct the “Opening Hours” part which still states that a separate ticket is required for Beng Mealea. Thanks !

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