Angel Mohothareak Tevy (Khmer: មហោទរា​ទេវី) (The Saturday Angel) – also written Mohurea Tevy oder Mohor Thak Ra Tevi – arrives  at  10:24 pm of 13 April – Cambodian time, the 2567 BE (Buddhist Era) – the year of the dragon. She is the youngest daughter of Kabil Moha Prum. People in Cambodia will prepair and decorated their houses also with special gifts to welcome the New Year Angel.

Angel Mohothareak Tevy holds a discus disc in her right hand and a trident in her left. Her robe is blue, she wears a water hyacinth behind her ear and sapphires around her neck. She rides a peacock and her favourite food is venison (deer or stag). [source]

The matter of deer meat: Due to the Khmer faith, the population of deer has declined sharply. But as is usual in Cambodia, there is a pragmatic solution for (almost) everything. Dried beef can be used instead of deer.

Gifts to welcome the new angel

The most typical decoration – but it can vary by region and also practice in families and communities:

  1. A statute or picture of Buddha
  2. 5 incense sticks and 5 candles
  3. A pair of decorated young banana tree
  4. 3 kinds of fruits, each of them prepared into 2 trays
  5. Small jasmine flower braids to put on every offering
  6. And the special offering for Mohothareak Tevy: Deer Meat

Beside those required offerings, you can prepare as many other offerings as you like such as: candy, cokes, biscuits, milk, etc.

About the water hyacinth

Like the other 6 angels, Mohothareak Tevy also wears a flower in her hair. In my research on which flower it is, I found the term “Trokeat Flower” at Khmer Chhankitek Calendar. However, the translations were anything but expedient. But my all-beloved girlfriend Boramey found the solution. Namely: The Cambodians say “Pka Trokeat” or “Pka Kom Ploak”. And in my further research, I finally discovered this photo here.

The pictured flowers are called “Phkar Trokeat” (Water Hyacinths). They are similar to those on a photo that Boramey sent me for comparison. After some too’ing and fro’ing, we finally agreed that it must be Water Hyacinths. I also learn from her that they are a popular delicacy on the Cambodian diet. Oh yes, and on my next visit to Cambodia I will try a dish with water hyacinths :-)

About the Khmer New Year Angel

With the angel coming down to earth, a 3 day festival and public holiday begins in Cambodia. The fact that every year an angel comes to earth is based on a legend. What’s up with this legend, you’ll learn in my article Khmer New Year – The Legends. Each angel is unique and the uniqueness is documented in the Moha Sangkran.

  • Each angel has another favourite food
  • Each angel rides on another animal to earth
  • Each angel carries certain items in the left and right hand
  • Each angel has got a different hair accessory

The gifts are so different every year. Particular emphasis is placed on the favourite dish of the angel.

New Year in Cambodia: 3 days of celebrations

Cambodians celebrate the start of the new year for a total of three days. All three days – Moha Sangkran, Wanabat and Tanai Lieang Saka – are official public holidays in Cambodia, with the individual days containing certain ceremonies. People chant Susdei Chnam Thmei, which means “entering the new year”.

Info: In 2020, the government adjusted the number of public holidays in Cambodia. There are a few fewer, but the New Year celebrations now last 4 days instead of 3.

Every year, my Cambodian friends send me photos of their decorated gift tables for the angel. It has already become a cherished tradition. This gift table for Angel Mohothareak Tevy comes from Germany – because even abroad, the Khmer remain true to their culture. Here, however, with a slight variation: the family council has decided to serve fruit instead of venison. Animal welfare is a must, is the plausible explanation.

Photos from my lovely Khmer friends

As in previous years, my Cambodian friends sent me photos of their decorated gift tables for the Angel. It is already a cherished tradition. This gift table for angel Mohothareak Tevy comes from Germany – because even abroad, the Khmer remain loyal to their culture. Here, however, with a small modification: The family “council” has decided that there is fruit instead of venison. Animal welfare must be, so the reason.

Khmer New Year Gifts - Mohothareak Tevy | Germany
Gifts for the Angel | Photo: Boramey – Germany

The “official” New Year song

Each year before the Cambodian New Year Festival, artists release new songs. They all are titled “The New Year’s Song.” What exactly is behind it, whether it is and old or more recent tradition, I have not found out yet. But as far as I’m aware, the pop song “City Chicken” is one of the favorites and is probably currently played everywhere in Cambodia.


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តប់ | មាស សុខសោភា | Music Video | Happy Khmer New Year 2024

It’s about the girls shooting at the boys with water pistols and how they shouldn’t get any themselves. Of course, this doesn’t work, because the Cambodians have real water fights on the streets.

May this Year of the dragon be full with happiness, health, success, love and prosperity for all!

Read more about “Sus’Dei Chnam Thmei” – the 3-day festival to celebrate the New Year in Cambodia and the legends about Khmer New Year

Happy Khmer New Year!

We wish you all a very Happy Khmer New Year 2024! May it be full of luck, health and success!

❤️🙏❤️ សួស្តីឆ្នាំថ្មី ❤️🙏❤️
Sou’sdey Chnam Thmei
Happy Khmer New Year

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