Will you be in Cambodia for a particular holiday? I would really like to be in Cambodia for the Cambodian New Year. The Cambodian New Year is considered one of the most important celebrations. Every year an angel comes to earth to protect the Khmer people. All of Cambodia is on its feet at this time, solemnly welcoming the arrival of the angel. So Cambodians can rejoice that their Khmer New Year even got an extra day. Because:

6 days less since 2020 – one day more since 2024

While there were 28 official public holidays in Cambodia in 2019, the number has shrunk to 21 in 2020. The reason is competitiveness with neighbouring countries. Investors had complained about the comparatively high number of public holidays. The reduction is intended to make the country more attractive for investors from home and abroad.

In 2023 on December 29, the government designated it as “Day of Peace in Cambodia,” celebrating the end of the 1998 civil war and 25 years of peace, spurring rapid development and economic growth. So there are now 22 public holidays.

One might think that 22 Cambodian public holidays give the Khmer people an exorbitant leisure advantage. In my homecountry Germany, there are only 10. But things appear to be deceptive. The weekend with 2 days off that we are used to does not exist in Cambodia. As a rule, Khmer people work 6 days a week. So there is only one “day off”. With an 8-hour day, this adds up to quite a number of hours per week ;-)

List of Cambodian public holidays 2024

Here is the overview of all dates of the Cambodian holidays 2023. You can get more information about the celebrations here in the blog via the links.

Jan 01New Year DayAlthough not many Cambodians celebrate the Gregorian New Year, 1 January is an official holiday in Cambodia.
Jan 07Victory over Genocide DayOn this day in 1979, the Vietnamese liberated Cambodia from the terror of the Khmer Rouge.
Feb 10Chinese New YearAlthough not an official holiday in Cambodia, Cambodians eagerly join in the celebrations. Especially in larger cities. Information on the festival can be found at Cambodia Images. 
Feb 19Meak BocheaCelebrations commemorating the day when 1,250 monks spontaneously gathered to hear the preaching of Buddha more than 2,500 years ago ( moving holiday). Abolished as an official holiday in 2020, but still celebrated by Khmer people.
Mar 08International Women’s DayCambodia is one of 26 countries in the world where March 8 is an official holiday.
Apr 13,14, 15, 16Khmer New Year DayFour-day celebration to mark the beginning of the New Year in the Buddhist Lunar Calendar.
May 01International Labor DayOfficial commemoration day of the labour movement.
May 14
King Norodom Sihamoni’s Birthday
King Samdech Preah Bâromneath Norodom Sihamoni was born on 14 May 1953. Until 2019, the celebrations lasted 3 days. Since 2020, it is only a one-day holiday.
May 20National Day of RemembranceTo commemorate the mass killings during the Cambodian genocide that began on 20 May 1976. No longer a public holiday since 2020.
May 22Visak Bochea DayBirthday of Buddha (moving holiday).
May 26Bonn Chroat Preah NongkoalThis is a day with the royal ploughing ceremony to prepare the farmers for the beginning of the rainy season so that they can start to cultivate their fields (moving holiday).
Jun 01International Children’s DayUntil 2019, International Children’s Day was also an official holiday in Cambodia.
June 18Queen  Norodom Monineath’s BirthdayNorodom Monineath Sihanouk – the mother of the reigning king – was born on June 18, 1936.
Sep 24 Constitutional DayThe Constitution, issued on 29 April 1993, comprises 14 chapters and 139 articles.
Oct 1, 2, 3Pchum BenBuddhist festival in memory of the deceased relatives ( moving holiday).
Oct 15Commemoration Day of King’s Father, Norodom SihanoukKönig Preah Bat Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk Varman (* 31. Oktober 1922; † 15. Oktober )
Oct 23Treaty of ParisCommemorates an agreement signed in Paris in 1991 to end the Cambodian civil war. No longer an official holiday since 2020.
Oct 29King’s Coronation Day, Norodom SihamoniCoronation of Norodom Sihamoni took place on 29 October 2004.
Nov 09Independence DayIndependence from France was declared on 9 November 1953.
Nov 14, 15, 16Bon Om Touk – Water FestivalThree-day festival at the end of the rainy season – at this time the Tonle Sap changes its direction of flow ( moving holiday).
Dec 12International Human Rights DayDeclaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948 by the United Nations. Cambodia has been one of 193 member states of the United Nations since 1955. No longer an official holiday since 2020.
Dec 29Day of Peace in CambodiaNew public holiday in Cambodia: 25 years of peace.
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