1. Hi Lindsey,
      thank you for your nice comment! I think this must be a touching experience you’ve made at the Ceramics Center. And for sure, a visit is an important point on my bucket list as well. Thank you for the extra motivation :-)

      Btw: I fell in love with ceramics – my daughter made me a present with two little bowls. They are such pretty that I started to take nearly countless photos. You can watch some of them here on my instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/ingapalme/
      Best :) Inga

  1. Hi, how about eating the special rolled ice creams the street vendors make?
    Or visiting Gelato, also THE place to have ice creams.
    Another great thing to do is to visit the elephants sanctuary or even volunteer there for a few days to contribute to environmental sustainability, reforestation, teach English in the villages, and take care of the rescued elephants.
    I did this for 1 week when I spent a month in Chiang Mai, a life changing experience. The same famous lady opened a rehab center here in northern Cambodia and in Myanmar.
    Take part in an outdoor Zumba class near the Royal Palace.
    Take a yoga class or workshop with Navutu Dreams.
    Spend a day at Cambo Beach off Funky Lane, the only beach in SR; opened December 24, 2018.

    Thank you for quite an informative blog, I love the language section with its easy to learn sentences and counting. We have just settled down in SR so I’m already learning the Khmer language, but I appreciate listening to the spoken parts and the info about the apps.

    All the best,

    1. Dear Myriam,
      arkun chraaan <3 Thank you so much for your detailed comment and your feedback! Sounds fantastic! Will add some of them in my list. Only with teaching english by foreigners, I am not sure that's really good. In my home country Germany, for example, I am only allowed to teach at a school if I am officially trained and certified to do so. But in Cambodia I can go to school and teach whatever I want to without any documentation of my skills. Not sure, whether this is really helpful for the kids. However, I think there will be kind of a solution one day :-) Happy to hear that you have such a fantastic time in Cambodia! I'll back in Siem Reap this coming March. For how long are you going to stay in Siem Reap?
      Le Hai ;-) Inga

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