In today’s world, it is certainly a favorite option for many people to buy a ticket for visiting the Angkor temples not only at the counter but also online. Normally you have to get up early and wait in the queue (at least if you want to buy a 1 day pass for Angkor). Somehow a bit suboptimal when sunrise is approaching. Ok, at the counters for the 3 and 7 day pass it’s noticeably easier, but I suppose getting the ticket online would really be a nice option.

The advantage: You can also order your ticket before your trip to Cambodia. You will receive it by e-mail as a PDF document immediately after your order.

Especially helpful: You don’t have to print out the PDF with your online ticket, but simply show it on your mobile phone at the controls. In August 2022, we asked at the official ticket counter and were told that we didn’t need a printout. And yes, it worked fine.

The ordering process for your Online Angkor Ticket

The ordering process for your online Angkor ticket is quick.

Step 1 – Create an account

Go to Angkor Enterprise website and create an account.

angkor ticket online
Create an account at Angkor Enterprise

Step 2 – Choosing your ticket

Here you choose whether you want a ticket for the archaeological Angkor Park with the many temples such as Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm etc. or for the Koh Ker Temple.

angkor ticket online bestellen
Choosing the Angkor Pass

Step 3 – Choosing the validity of your Angkor passport

In this step you indicate which ticket you would like to have. You have the choice between the original 1 day ticket, “3 days”, and “7 days”. Then you enter the period of validity of your Angkor ticket. The 1-day ticket is valid for five days, the 3-day ticket for 10 days and the 7-day ticket for 30 days.

angkor pass online engkor enterpreise step one
Validity of Angkor Ticket

So you can buy your ticket in advance when you plan your trip to Cambodia.

1 Day$ 371 Days5 Days
3 Days$ 623 Days10 Days
7 Days$ 727 Days30 Days

Step 4 – Personal details

In the fourth and last step, you upload a photo. This can be a little tricky because sometimes the photo is not accepted in the first step. I tried it 3-4 times with the same photo and then it worked. For my daughter, it even worked with a photographed photo from her passport. Then more information about gender, age group and nationality.

angkor pass online engkor enterpreise step three
Personal details

Done! Now just complete the order process and pay for the ticket. After your order you can download your Ticket and our receipe.

angkor pass online engkor enterpreise step four
Oder information

Purchase at the counter

If the online purchase is not your way, just go to the official ticket counter as usual. Here you don’t need a photo, credit card or Paypal account. With cash and a smile in the camera, you will get your personal Angkor ticket after a short processing time.

deviding line angkor wat


phare cambodian circus logo

Phare, the Cambodian Circus

A highlight in Siem Reap! Buy tickets online directly on the Circus Phare website*.

angkor wat sonnenstern


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  1. No reason to spend so much more to get a ticket on-line. They are easy enough to obtain while at Angkor Wat!

      1. You make sound like one has to buy tickets online to avoid lines at tickets counters. Which isn’t true at all. In our 2 visits we experienced no significant lines at 5AM or 8AM. Second the one day ticket is not really good for 2 days. You can purchase a ticket and use on the afternoon of the day you purchased it. That is a courtesy admission. But in that situation your ticket then is only good the next day. Not another full day.

          1. I’ll carry it further! Many hotels obtain special ticketing arrangements with the Angkor Enterprise. Do you really think guests staying at the Park Hyatt, etc., wait in the regular lines? Our guide, who we used on 2 different trips, separated by years, took us to that special line. We did not wait either trip.

            Nor do you address that buying tickets in advance, leaves one with unrefundable tickets, in case they cancel their trip. A family of 4, could have a loss of over $250 US. Not a small sum.

        1. Perhaps I should mention at this point that I write this blog with a lot of love in my little spare time for people who appreciate it. And yes, it can happen a few things are not quite up to date. But: I don’t write for people who behave as if they are something special.

          And no, for people who don’t stay at the Park Hyatt & Co. there is no refund for the Angkor ticket. And yes, I have had this experience.

          1. Wow! Just wow!

            I don’t present myself as an “expert”. But you do! That is the issue here. Not mentioning that tickets are non-refundable, is a serious omission. Instead of saying, gee thanks, I’ll add that info. You go defensive, and blame me! I furthermore, never mentioned my credentials, because I shouldn’t have to. And saying that I am special is an insult, that one does expect a blog writer to post about an unknown reader.

            Have a good life!

        2. Hi John,

          oh, shame on me! I did not read correctly. Sorry for that. You meant, that tickets are not refundable. I’ve read in your comment, that they are refundable. I corrected and also added in the article. But: The way you write, does’nt feel pleasant to me.

          For example, you write: “Nor do you address that buying tickets in advance, leaves one with unrefundable tickets, in case they cancel their trip. A family of 4, could have a loss of over $250 US. Not a small sum.”

          You think it’s a well-intentioned hint, and I should be thankful. But that’s not for me. Yes, I can imagine that it is annoying not to get the Angkor ticket refunded. But it’s not my duty to report on that. You can think about such things in advance and then research them online, ask questions and so on. What you are doing is just complaining about how bad my article is. There is no respect from you that someone like me is taking the time to make information available free of charge.

          How about if you would comment like:

          “Hey, thank you for the article and your information. But there is another point that could be important for your readers. There is no way to get your Angkor ticket refunded if you can’t make the trip. And that can be quite expensive, especially for a family. Maybe you like to add in your article.”

          I hope, you understand, what I mean.

          However: Whish you all the best and a really nice Christmas Time :)

  2. Instructions are super clear! Can’t wait to bring my pass to Angkor Park! Although the lines in the morning move fast, better to buy it in advance so that we don’t have to go through the crazy rush!

  3. Very good information! I especially searched for some details about the necessity of printing the pdf-tickets and you answered it and also your information about the photos – trying three or four times – was very helpful. Additionally it is perhaps good to mention that the maximum photo upload size is 2 MB.

  4. When using the Angkor Enterprise website, I am trying to book a reservation for the dates of June 11 to 14, 2024. However, the reservation calendar is only displaying dates 1 month from the present day. So, as I write this message it’s only showing dates through June 1, 2024. Will the remaining dates for June be available to choose from by May 14, 2024, if I’m planning to reserve through June 14, 2024?

    I am trying to book my flight from Thailand, but want to make sure there are still tickets available.

    1. Hi David, thank you for your comment. Yes, the dates will be available by May 14. Will add this to the article shortly. Wish you a great time at Angkor.
      Best :) Inga

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