1. You are incorrect on one aspect. Splashing water has never been a part of Cambodian tradition during New Year. Playing traditional games are. Splashing water has been adapted from Thailand and it has never been a part of us.

    1. Hi Chhan, thank you for your comment – yes, this maybe, but Khmer do splashing water during the Khmer New Year festival. However, thank you very much vor reading and I wish you very nice Khmer Celebration and a Happy Cambodian New Year :-)

  2. Hi i am wondering how long do we leave the offering for the Angel on first day? After the Angel come down, when do we take the offering out? Can we eat them? Give flowers away? Thank you the article was very helpful and interesting.

    1. Hey Vannay, thank you for your comment. Cambodian will keep all the offering during the three days of Khmer New Year. After these, then for sure they can eat and bring offering back. Wish you a Happy New Year :-)

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