The Khmer New Year celebration marks the end of the old year. This year, it happens on April 14, 15 and 16. During the celebration, the Khmer new Angel arrives at 3:12 p.m. Cambodian time. Celebration at pagoda will begin around that time as well.  The Angel’s job is to protect all people. Every year there will be one different angel, depends on the day New year is happening, who has to come down and do her duty.

Each year, Cambodian people offer different gifts to the angel.  This year in 2019, the Khmer New Year celebration is on Sunday, means the angel is Tungsa Tevy, who is the oldest of seven daughters of Kabil Moha Prum. Her favorite food is the fig fruit and her vehicle is the garuda.

Year of the pig will begin, 2562 BE in Buddhist calendar. The abbreviation BE means “before Buddhist Era” as 543 BC (before Christ) is the first year of the Buddhist calendar. And with Visak Bochea on May 18 as the birthday of Buddha 2563 BE will begin.  

Gifts to welcome the new angel

The gifts to welcome Tungsa Tevy – the new angel – are:

  1. Fig fruits as a special offering for Tungsa Tevy
  2. Jasmine flower braids
  3. Five candle and five incence sticks
  4. 3 different kind of fruits and each of them offered on 2 trays
  5. And a pair of decorated young banana trees

This picture by Mr. Sophal with offerings for Angel Tungsa Tevy. He sent to me a few moments ago <3

Presents for Angel Tungsa Tevy, photo: Mr. Sophal

Each day in a week has got it´s own angel

Cambodian believe, that every year on the first day of the new year or Sangkran day, one of the seven daughters of  Kabil Moha Prum comes down to earth.

Monday angel – Korak Tevy

She carries a sword with her right hand, a cane with her left andwears a hairpin of  angkeabos flowers. Korak Tevy rides a tiger and her favorite food is oil.

Tuesday angel – Reaksa Tevy

She carries a trident in her right hand,  a bow with her left and wears a hairpin of lotus flowers. Reaksa Tevy drinks blood and her animal is a horse.

Wednesday angel – Mondar Tevy

She has got a needle in her right hand, a cane in her left and wears a hairpin of champa flowers . Mondar Tevy rides a donkey and her favorite is milk.

Thursday angel – Keriny Tevy

She carries a harpon in her right hand, a gun in her left and wears a hairpin of mondar flowers. Keriny Tevy rides an elephant and her favorite are beans and sesame.

Friday angel – Kemira Tevy

She has got a sword in her right hand, a zither in her left and wears a hairpin on violet flowers. Kemira Tevy rides a water buffalo and her favorite fruits are bananas.

Saturday angel – Mohurea Tevy

She carries a disk in her right hand, a trident in her left and wears a hairpin of trokeat flower. Moure Tevy rides a peacock and her favorite food is deer meet.

Sunday angel – Tungsa Tevy

She is the oldest daughter of Kabil Moha Prum and carries a disk in her right hand and a shell in her left. Tungsa Tevy wears a ruby necklace as a pomegrate flower hairpin. She drives with garuda and her favourite food are fig fruits.

Read more about “Sus’Dei Chnam Thmei” – the 3-day festival to celebrate the New Year in Cambodia and the legends about Khmer New Year.

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