A couple of months ago, we started a community named  We love Cambodia on Google+.  In this community, people around the world share amazing stories and photos regarding Cambodia.  Today we want to introduce Heng Daly and Sann Arunreasey who founded their Blog Cambodia Life with very nice stories around Cambodia.

Both contribute to our community continiuosly with interesting topics. Also they are highly engaged not only in their own success, but also supporting other young people as well in Cambodia. For example organizing events like Discover Potential by Smallworld, which takes place in Phnom Penh.

Q1 – Please describe yourself: What are you doing, what is your vision?

My name is Sann Arunreasey. By subject, I am a linux network administrator. I graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science at Asia Euro University in 2011. My thesis was about Linux Network Administration. By passion: I am a web developer and programmer. Currently, I am leading Bamnang Web Development Team to support Khmer Enterprises.

My dream: I still believe that I will make it one day. I believe in the power of sharing and knowledge. One day there will be a group of people who are committed building applications for the sake of social benefits.

My name is Rous Sreypov or you can call me Heng Daly. I am a third year scholarship student at Cambodian Mekong University in a faculty of Economics in a major of Business Economics Development also one of the Harpswell Foundation student which is the organization to help young women student to continue their studies at university in Phnom Penh and empower women to be a women leader in the future. Currently I am doing on Cambodia Life which is one of a Khmer blog to share about Cambodian peoples life and everything related to Cambodia.

My dream: Because I have many thing in my mind to share about Cambodia to the world, I am stringly believe that no matter what happens to each life. If we are passionate in one thing, just trying to do on that is fine. Start doing, not only thinking.

Q2 – You are also a blogger today. Why did you start this and what is the goal?

For my perspective, blogging is like a diary book on the internet. When people come to our blog they can read our stories.  About this blog, my partner and I were thinking about this project since January and started this blog since Feburary 2013. As we saw that many websites are sharing about Cambodia, but some of them are showing more negative sides so that our blog is on the positive side of Cambodia. Our articles are based of some categories such as: Economics, Travel, Food and Education about wonderful thing and arts. For me Cambodia is one of the most beautiful and wonderful countries in the world.

Our goal for Cambodia Life is to promote Cambodia to the world through one quote:  “Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder”.

Q3 – What do you think about intercultural dialogue?

I think it’s good to share culture with other countries. So we all can understand about different cultures in the world. People will know and learn more about similarity and differences of  people and countries so that  we can live together in a peaceful world. I mean all people in the world would be sister or brother, no violence and no discrimination.

Q4 – Cambodia has got an ancient culture with amazing legends. Which legend is your favorite one and can you tell us about?

Since Cambodia is one of the oldest region in Asia and we have such an amazing legends, such more than thousand temples, forestry, waterfalls and my most favorite one Bayon Temple which is located in Siem Reap province. This is one of the most beautiful temple in the Vong Thom temples group. Bayon was built by King Jayavarman VII in the late 12th and beginning of 13th century as a symbol of Mahayana Buddhist temple in the greatest region in Cambodia history. This temple has 49 top and 5 doors which are representing the 54 provinces in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Each bastion have four faces which is referred to the King  Jayavarman VII.

 Q5 – Cambodia is much more than Angkor Wat. Do you have a special tip for tourists, where to go as well?

Cambodia is one of the golden land in Asia Pacific and we have plenty of legends. More than thousand of temples, the wonderful culture, literature, natural resources such as mine, rivers, lack, mountains, waterfalls, and many eco-tourism places through 23 provinces and the capital city. For example in Siem Reap, there is more than Angkor Wat but also Bayon, Taprom, Neak Pon, Neng 12,…..and many other religious tourist places. Here a tourist book  and tour guide could help.  Even most Cambodian people are using English as a second language, so tourists can talk to them and learn more interesting facts. Tourists can learn  a lot about Cambodia through this.

Q6 – Please complete this sentence:  “I love Cambodia, because:” 

Cambodia – Kingdom of Wonder – is my home country and one of the oldest region in Asia. Cambodia has it´s own culture and literature since 11th century. I am Cambodian and I have to love my country. Together with all citizen we have to help Cambodia to develop this country and to take care of culture, literature and the great legends.

Q7 – Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

All in all, although the reader is Cambodian or any other nation I want to express my respect to you all and also say thank you to Inga for giving this floor to my partner and me to show our goal and what we are doing. My partner and I hope that you all will not mind for any mistake in this answers also in our blog: cambodialife.info.

My last recommendation is please all people love each other countries, cultures and make peace. Start doing from your dream not waiting. Catch the chance or create it, not only waiting.

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