A whole region in the north of Cambodia lives on the existence of the bamboo train. The bamboo train is a symbol for the art of  improvisation of the Cambodian people.. Out of used generators, bamboo, and metal wheels a handful of peasants built their own train. Carmen Butta was awarded 2010 with the Grimme award as screenwriter and director for the documentary The bamboo train from Cambodia.

Born out of Necessity, as a work of Spirituality and Improvisation

With these haunting words, the one-hour film begins and gives an impressive insight into the lives of Cambodians in that area. These certainly contributes to the music of the film, which seems a little bit melancholic and reflects the daily and repetitive situations in life with Lorry.

During the shooting of the film crew got a lot of challenges, whether it’s the truly strange food consumption in order to tarnish the relationship with the local people or not to encounter with wood smugglers,  included in the “making-of” of the film.

At present, the complete documentation of the GEO series of 360 degrees can be viewed on the website byarteTV. (Please notice: The film ist not longer available at arteTV. You find a part of the documentation on YouTube. )

Individual sections of this superb film I found on the net. And who in the morning has time during the week: The next broadcast date is on 12 . July at 7:00 clock in the morning

Norry still goes…

Yes, Norry still transports people, rice and all sorts of creatures – carries almost everything on the line to Battambang. And more recently, also tourists. Anyone interested can  for example book with Cambodia Travel partner. They are very helpful, and you’ll get tips to make the trip with Norry an truly experience.

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