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Siem Reap – Scenes of a City * Photo Gallery *

It is thanks to the Angkor temples that Siem Reap has developed into the thriving city it has become in recent years. There is barely a single visitor who does not have a temple visit on his or her agenda. Towards the end of the twentieth century there were around 60,000 inhabitants, by 2008 that number varied from about 175,000 to 230,000. Cambodians apparently are not that accurate and current data is simply not available. The center of Siem Reap is convenient and you can comfortably reach everywhere by Tuk Tuk or even on foot.

The five boroughs of French Quarter, Old Market, Taphul Village, Wat Bo Area and Wat Damnak divide the centre. In addition to this, there is the Airport Road with its numerous hotels and in the direction of Angkor and northern Siem Reap the Royal Gardens and the National Museum. The new T-Galleria is located in the immediate vicinity of the Museum. It is a store equipped with luxury brands from the International DFS Group for lovers of Cartier, Bvlgari & co. Etc.

Siem Reap – A city of fascinating rustic charm

Amongst others, the Hyatt (newly renovated in 2015) or Shinta Mani (ranked a traveller’s choice winner on TripAdvisor worldwide) are certainly a popular starting point. Nevertheless, and despite the boom of the past four years, Siem Reap has retained its charming, rustic atmosphere. Seemingly wild hanging electrical cables dominate the city, accompanied by the sonorous tone of the Tuk Tuk engines – the Asian taxi. In the markets, is the hustle and bustle between fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, socks and shirts and more. Buddhist monks walk along the streets in their orange robes. Caution: Women should not touch them! Children have fun jumping from trees and bridges into the Siem Reap River, supervised by either their parents or by lifeguards.
Street restaurants offer their specialties – in the evening they populate the already crowded walkways. They do business with Cambodians, who quickly buy either some ingredients or a complete meal. This whole scene plays outs not far from Pub-Street. Pub-Street – the famous 100 meters long tourist mile. This is a place where it becomes louder and more changeable as the hour advances. Nevertheless, and indeed perhaps because of this, you should experience this concentration of tourists.
Those people who stay longer in Siem Reap can easily experience 100 things and more in Siem Reap and the surrounding area.

Photos of Siem Reap and the surrounding area

Several times during the last few years I have been in Siem Reap, and in my head, I have had countless pictures and memories. Fortunately, whilst most are not only there they are also safe on a hard drive so I don’t forget them. In this photo gallery, I have put together a small selection, I call it “Siem Reap – scenes of a city” and for me Angkor belongs here as well. By the way, inspired by these photos I received the article “10 days in Cambodia” from the blog “KimSmithMiller”. There is a certain similarity in the composition, which is deliberate.

Crossing traffic lightElectricity Downtown Siem ReapSiem Reap - Street with housesElectricity Siem ReapSiem Reap - rusted doorWorking on a rice field in Siem ReapSiem Reap - kids fun in the riverHouse for sale in Siem ReapPagoda Siem Reap - colorful wall paintingSiem Reap - worker, housebuildingFamily Siem ReapSiem Reap - clothes lineSiem Reap - monks at school in a pagodaSiem Reap - monk at siteAngkor Temple CambodiaCat at an Angkor Templesiem reap - canned fruit and vegetablesWomen at Pshar Leu market in Siem ReapSouveniers - Angkor park Siem ReapSiem Reap - house, made of woodRice field in Siem ReapVendor and breakfast at Pshar Leu market in Siem ReapSchool in Siem ReapPlay chess in Siem Reapincense sticks - buddhism, Cambodiasmiling family on a bycicle in Siem Reapbycicle riding Siem ReapPupils on a bycicle- Siem ReapBuddhism - Angkor WatAngkor Thom - North GatePhnom Krom, Siem Reapprocession - monks, Siem Reapgoat at Phnom KromTa Prohm - Angkor TempleLily Flowers in Siem ReapMen in a pub in Siem ReapVendor with lotus flowers at a market in Siem Reapsoup and meat at restaurant in Siem Reapmoat with fog in the morning at Angkor Watlaughing children in Siem Reap

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