Angkor Wat sunrise - SW

10 reasons why you should never visit Angkor Wat ;-)

Everybody always talks ONLY about how great it is to visit Angkor Wat. And one thing is of course absolutely clear: There are countless reasons to do exactly that.

But …

There are 10 reasons why it is not worthwhile to visit Angkor Wat at all. Angkor Wat has an unbearable architecture, the walls are totally scratched, there are scantily clad ladies at every corner and wild animals doing their mischief. After Siem Reap here now the statement with Angkor Wat without any frills and many words – because a picture says more than many words … ;-)

Please notice: This article is written with irony, a figure of speech.

1. Totally boring sunrise – endless waiting for the sun and when it finally arrives there are no special effects at all.

Angkor Wat - Blue Hour in the morningSunrise Angkor Wat - Photo by: Van Soun

Angkor Wat - Equinox, Ratanak Eath
Photo: Rattanak Eath

2. Zero service: Although you pay the entrance fee, you walk around on the huge grounds of Angkor Wat. All this because neither cars nor motorbikes nor even bicycles are allowed.

Angkor Wat - View, Western Gopuram

Way to Angkor Wat - East Gate
Angkor Wat - Basrelief, Pathway
Angkor Wat - Swimming Pathway

3. Dangerous wild animals that are free to roam around and do their mischief with us poor tourists.

Free living monkeys at Angkor WatButterfly in the Angkor Park, CambodiaAngkor Wat Restaurant - Inga with a catAngkor - Borromey with a monkey on her head

4. Totally unbearable architecture with all those scratched walls and then these figures just standing around.

Angkor Wat - Palisade Window
Angkor Wat - Palisade Window
Angkor Wat - VishnuAngkor Wat sunrise - SWAngkor Wat - Stairs to the 3rd LevelBasreliefs Angkor Wat

5. Scantily clad ladies at every step.

Angkor Wat - Devata, Gallery
Angkor Wat - Devata, Gallery

6. You can’t rest in a shadow anywhere, while the heat is brooding.

Angkor Wat - tourists taking a rest in the shadowAngkor Wat - it's me, taking a rest Taking a rest in the shadow at the main temple of Angkor Wat

7. Wherever you look there are stones lying around – it’s about time somebody is going to clean up.

Angkor Wat: Horse is prepared for workStones in front of Angkor WatPiles with stones at Angkor Wat

8. Always and everywhere masses of tourists, who constantly run into the picture.

Few people at Angkor Wat in the afternoon

Angkor Wat - Devata at a wall
Angkor Wat - Gallery, Basrelief
Angkor Wat - Van Soun, CambodiaAngkor Wat - it's me, Inga :-)

9. There’s nothing to eat or drink at all.

Barbecue at Angkor WatBarbecue at Angkor WatMe - Inga - having breakfast at Angkor ParkPinapple and rice with coconut milk at Angkor Park

10. And then there’s all these guys hanging around with their orange clothes.

Angkor Wat - Monk posing for a photoMonks at East Gate of Angkor WatAngkor Wat - Young Monks

Well, I assume that I was able to convince you that the visit of Angkor Wat is not worth it at all, right?

You are not convinced yet? No problem! Just have a look at these pages. Maybe you will find some reasons  to visit Angkor Wat and the other temples of Angkor ;-)

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