1. Lots of useful information Inga, thanks. I will visit Siem Reap next February.
    I wanted to ask of there is a limit on the number Angkor Park entrance sold tickets per day? or is it safe to leave buying tickets till I get there given that it is high season. I am asking because online sales seem to charge a big markup.

    1. Dear Valerie,
      first of all I must say sorry for delay with my answer. I was sick for a couple of weeks, and had a lot of work afterwards. About your question: As I know, there is no limit on the number of Angkor Park entrance sold tickets. Yes, online sales they charge soem markup. But: It is nearly the same as if you would buy your Angkor Pass one day before. People often forget the price for Tuk Tuk drive over there. One time for buying the pass for the next day. Next time for visiting the Angkor temple ;-)

      However, wish you a fantastic time in Cambodia! Maybe you’d like to join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/visitangkor/ – it’s a small group, but all members are lovely people :-)

      Best :) Inga

  2. Hi Inga,
    loved your site, very helpful!
    Do you have a Tuk Tuk driver to recommend?
    I will be in Siem Reap in February and I would like to arrange a good driver in advance.


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