Plastic is unfortunately a major problem in Cambodia. Especially in the rural settlements you’ll find many bags and packaging around the country, abandoned to their fate. A functioning waste disposal system does not exist and an incinerator is just too expensive for this country.

If you look closely, waste container take place in the cities. With their round bellies, they look more like a large soup pot than a garbage container. Who lifts the lid to dispose the rubbish, will be surprised. Because the whole pot is from a kind of rubber and therefore soft.

No plastic please!

Help the Cambodian to clean their countryThe government has begun to educate the public and to compel them to leave their rubbish not just wherever they are. In schools, children learn to collect their waste and put it into appropriate container. On television, you see short educational films – decades ago there was this kind of films also here in Germany.

Everybody who buys something that is already packed at one of the numerous markets, just need to say “no plastic” and fewer bags of plastic comes into circulation. More and more Cambodians also say already no plastic when they go for shopping.
Let us support them by doing the same, and shop for souvenirs & Co. without unnecessary plastic packaging.

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