Greets to you all ! I´m Ly Heng Heoung, I´m 20. Now I am studying at South-East Asia University Siem Reap (USEA) , est. 2006. Our university has 6 different programs at the whole. I have chosen Economics, Business Administration and Tourism. The tuition fee is 450 dollar a year, there are many local and international scholarships.

My main subject is called Hospitality Management, my future dream job is a general manager, restaurant manager or a tour guide. To reach this dream has motivated me to start my studies here – I know without studying I never suceed. Now I´m looking for a chance to gain experience to get started. I believe in myself and that I can achieve my goal, although my family cannot supprt me. I have to take care of my living costs and of my tuition fee – I already have an idea that it´s going to be hard, but still, I´m already 20 and have to cope it myself. Hope I can cope to do it.

And now I report you a little about my studies.

I have started studying at university on 01st October 2012 , this is my third week there. My subject combination looks like this:

  • Principle of Economics;
  • Principle of Philosophy;
  • History of South-East Asia;
  • Public Administration;
  • and English :) (pre-intermediate level).

In  my very first week I had just two subjects: History and English. In the subject History of South-East Asia I learned a lot about Khmer history and culture. English courses are free of charge for all students and can be taken during the first 3 years. I take daily 3 hours of English and have one day in a week free.

English was easy for me – many other students here don´t speak Englilsh at all and have to start at zero point, but not me! So I make a course for pre-intermediate level. We practice in small groups or in pairs. I find this method good and hope to improve my English very soon.

In my second week I´ve got two home assignments to do: I have to compare and contrast my knowledge gained from experience. The goal of this exercise is to create a book for the coming generations of students, so that every student writes his own chapter. Although this is a homework, we have to do it in groups. My group has four members and I´m a boss. J We have to get information from internet and to make a concept of our text. It´s easy for me to do it, the only problem is that I don´t have a laptop or a smartphone. Fortunately my friends do. As soon as we´re ready we have to present our assignment at the university and to answer the questions of our teacher and other students. I really enjoy presenting!

My second home assignment is to write about the history of Vietnam. This task is really difficult because all the informations about it are in English and have to be translated in Khmer. I´m translating it now and search for input in internet. I love to do it! At the end we create a book about the topic for our university library to support other students if they need to know more about this topic.

The most difficult subject is ecomomics. No-one likes to study it, although I find it´s easy to understand.

Thanks so very much for reading ! :)

Heoung Ly Heng   

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