1. Eergisteren, 25 september 2012 heb ik met verwondering het solarproject bij de Colt- school gezien! Waren er in Nederland maar meer scholen die hier op deze manier aandacht aan ( konden) schenken.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I love renewable energies, Kamworks is also a lead solar Company in Cambodia. we established in 2006 by two Dutch guys. we also now designed a lantern called MoonLights. it is an affordable solar lantern and people can lighting up to 14 hour or whole night by charging with the SUNlight.
    if you would like to reduce their electricity build and make them more easily to walk around during the night with carry a battery, it is time for MoonLights.
    Note 6 Month warranty. please kindly drop your email by: [email protected]
    011 770 821 or 092 962 162.

    Kind Regards,
    Senior Sale Representative

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