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  2. It’s interesting to read the interview.

    I believe education and self-improvement should put as the priority to develop the country.

    There’s another concern that I raised on my blog already about young Cambodian student who attend more than one university at the same time.

    As I already confirmed in my interview, entrepreneurship would be the best choice for Cambodian to start their own business with little small budget.

    With the technology, internet and social media, we can be sure that we could work for ourselves.

    That’s something I will try to explore more and share my experiences to Cambodian people.

    1. Hi Santel,

      thank you for your comment, and I agree with you. Looking forward tor ead about your experiences to Cambodian people.

  3. the experience of the Don Bosco school training young journalists in Sihanoukville is a good contribution too. One problem of education in Cambodia is the centralization in Phnom Penh.

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