Teenager in Cambodia at a market on the way to Tonle Sap

Intercultural conditions with a difference

Close up experience of other cultures

In Cambodia, these feelings of intimidation may be present upon arrival and in the first few days. But if one looks beyond you will quickly become aware that such a journey is a gift which reveals endless possibilities.

If you want to expand your own world view, Cambodia offers the best prerequisites. Due to the fact that the people in Cambodia value and appreciate any attempt of interaction or communication, you can feel at ease to engage in asking questions, and gain experience to enrich your life and the life of others.

Girl with Lotus in Cambodia Teenager in Cambodia at a market on the way to Tonle Sap procession-during-visak-bochea-angkor-wat monks-cambodia-tonle-sap mother-daughter-tonle-sap-cambodia children-cambodia marktfrau-mit-lotusblumen

Kindness is always rewarded in Cambodia

In any situation, be it a Tucktuck-ride, a tour of local villages or in a conversation with peddlers, restaurant staff, field workers, tour guides, in fact anyone you will meet, you will find a friendly acceptance. You will always be accepted, regardless of how clumsy you may be in your efforts of communicating, as long as you do not behave in an aggressive, condescending, or even malicious way.

You feel understood and yet so foreign, a feeling which can not be put into mere words. One is bound to nothing and yet you feel closeness and security. The environment is wild and impetuous, marked by poverty and hopelessness, but incredibly harmonious, characterized by love, respect and sensitivity.

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