This is Mike – born in Cambodia, some 35 years in the U.S. and now again since some time back in his home. Mike likes to tell it, the old stories of Angkor but also of his adopted United States, where he lived so long and almost forgotten his native language Khmer. He has still the truly original American English on his lips. At first glance, it comes in your mind, that’s a dropout from the United States, an Indian – but at second glance you can see the Asian traits in his distinctive face.

A dropout who is back home

Mike - on the top of Phnom BakhengMike lives in retirement, inhabited a small house in Siem Reap with his family and he has horses. Even those with hooves, not only under the hood of his shopper. Those who wants to listen to his stories, you will find him with a little luck early in the morning at the top of Phnom Bakheng in time for sunrise at half past five. Greet him from us, if you see him.
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  1. So what!! Hooves under his shopper
    Inga your English needs improving …many mistakes
    My guess is you are referring to his motorbike which is called a chopper
    and a motorbike with hooves ??
    Sad for any Cambodians trying to learn English !!!

    1. Hi Onny, today not many people would laugh out loud at this joke, more likely just squirm! Making jokes is already difficult in your own language. If the punctuation is wrong, then there are only boring faces. Just like here with this one, when I mentioned about a motorcycle has 100-horsepower and a horse has hooves. So a motorcycle is a horse and has hooves. Maybe not so funny. Or maybe yes?

  2. Well I am sorry Inga but you do not seem to understand the comments that are given to you in good faith by me or even others Where do you mention about a 100hp motorcycle? (shopper) Its a strange sense of humour … at least in the English language .. that connects motorcycle with horses hooves It would seem that you are trying to tell me I am boring when obviously it is you that has difficulty with the English language and as we find with so many Germans an arrogance at being told something Same attitude when I mentioned the exploitation of Cambodians (see; how to deal with a Cambodian on a market) You avoid giving a decent answer to my comment
    I am also curios as to why there are few..if any… other commentators to this site?

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