Oh Angkor - Video by Guntre Machu

Oh Angkor – gorgeous video by Gunther Machu

Oh Angkor – this is one of the very best videos about Angkor and Cambodia, I have ever seen. Awesome scenes, wonderful music, mystical background noises and a speaker whose voice let me feel the spirit of the ancient times in Cambodia.

Angkor, the magnificent – reflecting the relations to nature in a deep level, modern architecture seems spiritually empty. The soul of the Khmer is alive in these temples.  Perhaps nowhere else in the world has such an imposing massive stone been arranged with more sensive art and science.

[Some of the quotes of old reports by travellers, spoken by Peter Baker, MaleVO.co.uk]

Gunther Machu – making films is his hobby

The Austrian Gunther Machu produced this video during his business stay in Cambodia. He thought, he would only see the hotel and meeting room, as this happens normally. But suddenly he got the information, that a day-trip is planned to Angkor Wat. He went there early in the morning without any preparation before – he took just his camera, but no knowledge about Angkor – and from the first moment he was deeply fascinated, yes nearly overwhelmed.  The result is Oh Angkor – a gorgeous video, which illustrates the grandiosity of the Angkor temple and the elation to see them for the first time. See by yourself :)

Want to see more videos by Gunther Machu? Sure, you can – he has already published 51 videos on Vimeo :)

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