[update September 2018] Dr. Beat Richner has died on September 9, 2018 :-(

More than 20 years ago, the swiss Dr. Beat Richner was asked to rebuilt the children hospital Kantha Bopha in Phnom Penh. He did and now – many years later – he built up 5 hospitals where 85% of all children in Cambodia are treated.And each day, about 50 babies are born in his Maternite.

Unbelievable, that Cambodia has had a better health care as Singapur or Malaysia in 1969. But the war beginning in 1970 destroyed the whole infrastructure of the country. Even the 300 prisons in this time all over the country are responsible for the  high rate of tuberculosis. There are about 65% of the people in Cambodia, who have this illness, says Dr. Beat Richner – which is an insupportable circumstance for him. Especially because of the background, that he did not receive important medical equipment. Because those are not given to countries like Cambodia. Such kind of thinking and action forced him to be able to excuse – otherwise, he would be frustated or getting crazy. Words, spoken by BeatoCello – the other name of Dr. Beat Richner.

To change helplessness into be able to forgive

To forgive, that the USA are not able to donate. This, because all treatments are for free in the hospitals of Dr. Beat Richner. Only, who pays for treatment ist able to value it. These is written in the bylaws. But how can it be possible to pay for treatment with an income of 50 Cent per day? And please think about: Which mother does not want her child to healthy?

To forgive, that tourists are sleeping in hotels and spending 150,00 US$ and more for one night in one of the bigger hotels in Cambodia. But thinking, that saving a life with the cost of 240,00 US$ is disproportionate high. At the latest, when BeatoCello informs his audience, that his hospitals have the most correlation between costs and successful treatment in the world – result of a sutdy in 2009 in 100 countries – you feel blamed about such kind of thinking.

Why is it not worth to save the life of a child?

This question BeatoCello asks for several times during his concert. At that time a chinese Ambassador told him: Do not speak so much and do not ask questions. Just let your Cello speak to the people.

And it works – with his concerts in Siem Reap, Dr. Beat Richner receives donation of about 6 Million US$ which is about 25% of the money he needs each year. About 50% of the budget are used for medicine – he does not get anything for free from the pharmacy. The salary for the employees is high. Even the cleaners get 250,00 US$ per month. So they are able to take care for their family and also corruption cannot work. And who thinks, that most of the employees are not Cambodian people will be suprised, that only 4 of the 2.400 are foreigners. And one of them is his cello from Italy.

There is peace in his hospitals. Peace also, because the mothers can be together with their children for free during their hospitalation. The self-healing effect of the children is much better, when their mother is closed to them. Even they are not ancient about looking for money for the hospitalation makes them free so they are able just to take care about their children – which is most important for them.

Concert of Dr. Beat Richner in Siem Reap

[update April 2017] Due to the illness of Dr. Beat Richner, there are no more concerts.  

People who travel to Siem Reap for visiting the temple of Angkor should visit the concert of Dr. Beat Richner – each Saturday at 7.15pm next to the children hospital. It is an enrichment to listen to this adorable person, who is at the age of 69 years. How he is able to talk about things in a charming way and a bit irony as well. How he is able, to let his audience feel with him about his daily fight for money and also for fairness – without mortify anybody – this is really great! And not for nothing mentioned Norodom Sihamoni – who is the acting king in Cambodia – during a gala of the Curcus Knie in Swiss, that he feels honored to be a friend of Dr. Beat Richner.

To donate blood or money or both

Even his appell to donate lets his audience smirk. The younger should please donate blood and the older should please donate money. And who is in the middle age is asked for donating both. Who wants to donate money, finds all data on the website of Dr. Beat Richner.

Who is interested in current information will find him on Facebook.

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  1. Dr Richner do a lot for children in Cambodia specially recently when 64 children dead with a mysterous disease.
    I highly recommend to go listen his concert.

  2. Cambodia kingdom of heritage.
    I really love Cambodia.
    I really love Kantha Bopha Children Hospitals.
    I really owed to Kantha Bopha when I was 10 year old

  3. i hope that in the next few months, years there are more donations to this hospital and more children are much more healthy.

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