1. Dear Inga,

    Thank you for writing this interview with Andre.
    We know Andre since 2009. He made it possible for us, making a trip of three weeks In Cambodia in 2010.
    My feelings for Cambodia did I made in 1993 as a UN militair. I was there for more then 6 month’s.
    I still have contact with Andre and follow him on Facebook.
    Andre and Lily are lovely people.

    Ton Engels

    Sorry for my English. In German geht es leichter. Gruesse.

  2. Dear Inga,
    I’ve read your interview. What an interesting great guy! If I should fail to get a transport for my removal to Sihanoukville here in Pattaya, I’m going to address myself to André.
    Might see you all over there one day.
    G. B. AYELE

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