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  1. Cambodia is not a peaceful country What really is the definition of peace? Hun Sens greatest fear is an armed uprising He works hard to keep the army on his side…. he has seen what happens in Thailand…… so the civilians were asked to hand in guns….not for peace…But for control How has Hun Sen been in power for so long
    Why do we have the banality of the slogan…Peace for the world….. The main reason Cambodian people MAY appear as peaceful people is only because generally they are so juvenile and ignorant Best example of that is if they are so poor …WHY do they keep having children….. specially when they do not take care of them…. mothers even selling daughters as slaves (sex trade)
    I am glad I live as a decent (full) human being that has learnt to live with the trials and tribulations of an exciting life…. not the boring and mundane life of primitives and hippies
    For the record I am an Australian who came to Cambodia in the year 2000 to help disadvantaged children and I have a wonderful Vietnamese partner (female)

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