However, only those who are able to understand inter-cultural relations will be able to fulfill the demands of a modern industrial society in future..

Intercultural Innovation Camp | YouCan Trust

Cambodia, with an average population age of barely 21 years, offers an insufficient number of work places, especially for young people. Even those lucky enough to be able to afford an education are rarely able to find an adequate occupation in the end. So what can one do when there is no suitable job? To answer this question, Entrepreneurial Thinking is required above all.

Communal Development of Business Models

This is the background from which the project Visit Angkor emerged. German and Cambodian young people together develop a business model. The aim is to enable a group of young Cambodians to earn an income. The business model includes the marketing of a self-developed khmer language application for smartphones and will be available in autumn 2012.

In addition to the multiple tasks of one’s own enterprise, these young people will also gain a deep understanding of the two cultures by working together on a common business model. Help for Self-Help is thus directly applied in practice and leads to sustainability.


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