Angkor Wat in the afternoon


  1. Today I found it needs 1000 reils for toilet in Angkor Wat. A notice is written on a board and the money is taken by a local man. I don’t think it’s fair, even it’s a small money. Maybe I won’t been Angkor again recently, however I would like to let your manage persons know it. It’s bad for Angkor’s worldwide reputations.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you for your comment. But unfortunately I cannot help you, because this here is just a Blog and not an official Site by Cambodia. One question: Why do you think it is not fair to take money at a puplic toilet? In countries like Germany which is my homecountry or in Holland you have to pay 1 € and sometimes more.

      Best, Inga

  2. Hi. Well, there is something wrong with your Angkor temples quiz. I answered all the questions correctly but in the end, it tells me 0 correct answers. I would say, there is a wrong question. There are 1796 devatas in Angkor Wat and that is far from about 2000. :-)

    1. Hi Ota, thank you for your response! Plugin was updated and there is a new option which I did not know before. I changed it and now it works fine. Also the Apsara – I changed into 1.850 – this is what Reinhart Zieger writes in his book. Btw: I mentioned your Angkor-Photo tour in an article of the German version her on Visit Angkor. English version will be online too one day :-) Again thank you and good luck with your Photo-Tours in Cambodia :-)
      Many Greetings, Inga

  3. Very true
    Even in our country we have paid toilets and that is necessary to maintain the standards.
    yes if the charge is exorbitant then there could be a question. otherwise its OK.

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