How do you say “Chilli” in Khmer? And how is the number “40” pronounced in the Khmer language? These terms and many more will be soon available in the Khmer language application. Whoever wants to know already how the language Khmer sounds, can listen to the sound files of the numbers one till ten in one of our blog posts.

Who can translate the following terms into the Khmer language?

Here are three questions for you from the language quiz of the app, as it will appear soon in the app: Who knows the translations for the number “6”, “Chilli” and “I’m tired”? The resolution of this questions you will find in an upcoming blog post and whoever already want to listen to the numbers one to ten in Khmer, you find the language files in our blog post, The numbers one through ten in Khmer Language

Only 2 days left: The 15 most important phrases in Khmer “unserAller”

Only 2 days left for the voting of the 15 most important phrases in Khmer for unserAller Khmer language application (in German language). We invite all to participate and vote. That’s easy: click on this link and vote for the sets of your choice. At the moment the phrase “It’s nice to have met you “ makes the race.

We are curious which phrase will get the most votes and thank everyone for participating! For more information what the Khmer language application really is all about, please visit the page Visit Angkor: Khmer: Language Application.

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