[Info: Unfortunately there was not enough capacity to further develop the app. Also the iiCamp in the context of which we have developed several projects does not take place anymore due to health reasons of my beloved husband Willy. We are very grateful for this wonderful time and are very happy that we were able to make a small contribution to improving the living conditions of Cambodian youth under the slogan YouCan create your life. They are all doing well. They have great jobs, founded their own family and one of them is even in America.

On the subject of the Khmer language we will continue here in the blog. And who knows, maybe there will be a new app soon or something like that :-)]

It took some time to develop our App Khmer4You – but finally it is finished!  Cambodian traveler  often want to learn Khmer language in an easy way and just know some words to be able to communicate in different situations.  In our application Khmer4You we choosed different categories for everyday use to create a perfect companion for all who travel to Cambodia or who are just interested in this amazing country.

The Khmer language consists of 33 consonants, 24 vowels and 14 initial vowels. Many of these sound quite unusual to our ears and can be spoken fluently only with lots of practice. But don’t give up hope if you struggle with some of the pronunciations: during the development of this app we had lively discussions among our Cambodian participants, who themselves could not always agree on how a word or sentenced should be pronounced! Thus, we decided to include four different speakers for each term – two female and two male voices. The four different tones make it easier for the listener to get a feeling for the pronunciation of the Khmer language.

But that’s not all! Further features of this app are:

  • Dictionary with translations from English and also German to Khmer
  • In six relevant categories
  • Each vocabulary has a sound file that includes the spoken work recorded from
    four different native speakers – two female and two male voices
  • A language quiz
  • A nice photo for each vocabulary
  • Overview of the most important temples of Angkor
  • Single view of these temples including a brief description and the Google Maps location
  • Travel Tips for your trip to Cambodia

The development of the app Khmer4You

The app was developed collaboratively by young students from Germany and Cambodia in the context of the Intercultural Innovation Camp. The iiCamp is an international event camp for intercultural competence and takes place every year in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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