Khmer New Year 2016 – welcome to Angel Mondar Tevy

New Year Angel of the monkey Year, Buddhist Era 2560

Angel Mondar Tevy (The Wednesday Angel)  arrived at 8 pm in the evening of 13 April – Cambodian time. She is the fourth daughter of Kabil Moha Prum. People in Cambodia have prepaired and decorated their houses also with special gifts to welcome the New Year Angel.

Angel Mondar Tevy wears a fragrant flower which is tucked behind her ear. Around her neck she wears cat’s eye gemstones. She drinks milk and carries a needle on her right hand, a cane on her left hand and Mondar rides the donkey.

What are the offering to welcome Mondar Tevy, the New Year Angel?

The most typical decoration – but it can vary by region and also practice in families and communities:

  1. A statute or picture of Buddha
  2. 5 incense sticks and 5 candles
  3. A pair of decorated young banana tree
  4. 3 kinds of fruits, each of them prepared into 2 trays
  5. Small jasmine flower braids to put on every offering
  6. And the special offering for Mondar Tevy: Fresh Milk

Finish with preparation and waiting for the Angel to come down to earth. 

Khmer-New-Year-2016-Angel-MondarTevy (3)

8pm, Cambodian Time – April 13, 2016 – Welcome to Angel Mondar Tevy

Khmer-New-Year-2016-Angel-MondarTevy (1) Khmer-New-Year-2016-Angel-MondarTevy (4) Khmer-New-Year-2016-Angel-MondarTevy (6)

Photo credit: Lee Heng Hoeurng

Three day holiday celebration

The Khmer New Year is a three day public holiday in Cambodia. Khmer people call it “Sus’Dei Chnam Thmei” or  “Chaul Chnam Thmey” -> Welcome to the New Year

Traditionally the celebration is based on the solar new year and it falls on either 13 or 14 April. It marks the end of the harvest before the rainy season begins.

Typical for Asian countries, Cambodian also celebrate New Years Eve in reference to Western countries, although it’s actually not a public holiday.

Khmer New Year around the World

Khmer-New-Year-2016-Angel-MondarTevy (5)
Photo Credit: Boromey Raabe

Khmer people who live in other countries celebrate their Khmer New Year around the world. This lovingly decorated table is located in Germany. (Click on the photo to see in full size)

May this Year of the monkey will be full with happiness, health, success, love and prosperity for all!

We wish all a very Happy Khmer New Year 2016!  And we wish, that you enjoyed the Khmer New Year celebrations!

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