The first 100 words and phrases for the Khmer Application are finished. The next step will be the recording of the voice files. The team planned to do this in the Cambodian Headquarter.

The headquarter for sustainability

This is a small room, about 8 squaremeters, which we rent in the little house of the family from Bun Theoun, who is one of the Cambodian Team members. For a monthly fee of 27 US$, they are able to use the room around the clock including electricity. This is much cheaper than going to an internet coffee, where the price is 50 cent per hour. The walls are lovely decorated with content of our both programs iiCamp and Do IT Yourself. It makes us happy to see, how sustainability is developing, even we stay only for a few weeks in Cambodia each year.

Four times recording of all khmer words

Intercultural Innovation Camp 2012 Intercultural Innovation Camp 2011 In the headquarter Do IT Yourself members In the headquarter Do IT Yourself members The headquarter of the Cambodian team

Each word is recorded with four different voices. The recording was full of fun, even because the Cambodian students started to discuss, how to pronounce the words in the right way. This was not expected by anybody. It is really interesting so see, which kind of unexpected effects are happen during the projects.

The topic about poverty

Who might think now “Oops – they have got enough, there are two computers in the back of the photo” – the laptop we have spent by ourselves in 2011 and the computer was spent from another donator. Both computer are shared between the Cambodians. Where they were not able to know, how to use a link about tw years ago – they now can work on their own blogs, create designs with graphice programs and create own videos. More and more, their interest grows in using IT and who knows, what will happen in the future.

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