„You wannaTukTuk, Mam? “, „You wanna Massage, Mam?I will make you a good price”, these sentence you will hear everywhere when you are going to visit Cambodia. Going shopping in Cambodia is really fun, when you consider the following shopping rules.

A Cambodian Market is a place full with different smells and goods. There you can buy a lot of things. For example they have many handmade bags, beautiful “schals”, t-shirts and sunglasses. When you are brave you can try exotic smelling dried fish.

It is a great experience of buying something on the market:  At first when you ask for the price they will tell you a little more than the double as the usual price. For example a t-shirt whichch usually costs around 2 dollars will be costing 5 when you ask the first time. Now it is your turn to say your price. Don’t be too honest; the price you really want to pay must be a little higher than the price you are calling. Now the price will go down a little, but still be strong if the price is still too high for you.  The next step is to rely you first price and to underline it with an excuse. “Oh it’s really beautiful, Mam. But I don’t know.” The best is if you touch the item you want and make lot of compliments. Now you will get the third price. At this point it is your turn to make an offer. Tell them now the price you really want to pay: “Ok, Mam. For 2 dollar I will buy this cute t-shirt”. In most of the cases you are now able to buy your item on the price you wanted to pay. If it does not work, be polite and go one or two steps away. It chances wonders when you look like you’re not interested anymore.

I hope you could follow my explanations of buying something in Cambodia. Try your best; it’s a fun way of shopping.

What about you?

Did you ever stay in Cambodia or anywhere else in Asia? If so, what was the most impressive experience for you?

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  1. Its a fun way of shopping ??
    Do not be too honest ??
    That seems to me to be the tone of this site. First of all ..Who is Inga? O.K. we can work out she is German lady (is she? ) It would be nice to communicate wth someone you know at least a little Single… Occupation
    NEXT the site seems very shallow, definately a tourists viewpoint I read, amongst the very few comments.. that the trouble with Cambodia it is exploited I am forever telling people to stop cheating How much would the article cost at home…. example tee shirt …likely to be 20 dollars Do you know that in Vietnam there is a Gov rule to charge foreigners more Check out pottery mug made in Siem Reap (Rajana) sold in Phnom Penh for $7 Sent to Canada to be sold for $18
    For someone who loves Cambodia all I see is a few condescending words and no real discussion on the serious problems here

    1. Nothing is meant to be condescending, quite the contrary. We are tourists and will always be. We will never be indigenous, no matter how much knowledge we accumulate. Tourist is not a condescending word here. Tourism is a very important industry in Cambodia, brings jobs and income for the people.

      I love Cambodia and the people from my feeling and heart.

  2. What sort of an answer is that meant to be? You come to Cambodia to encourage education …particularly in English but have difficulty in expressing yourself in an articulate manner What does condescending have to do with being an indigenous person?
    Nobody said the word ‘ TOURIST’ is a condescending word
    And I never said ONLY TOURISTS exploit Cambodia
    You”” love Cambodia”” Maybe you love dogs too Does that mean dogs are good for Cambodia
    Others love Jesus and they are screwing up this country with their dogma
    I might have a funny name but at least I live here (Cambodia) and I can teach impeccable English as well as other skills and I have a Cambodian son
    Footnote: you did not even have the decency to give us some information about yourself

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