A felt like it would take forever, but now it’s finally done and we can show this app to the world: The Khmer Language Application. We are very proud of this: Sometimes we thought it will never happen :-) So many little things which needed to be to considered.  How should the app look like?  How the User Interface Navigation should be designed. Crap, all the photos will not fit – Oh yes we could maybe install a weather widget or maybe not..

Perhaps a few more words, but then the loading of the sound files would take too long. Which pictures should we use for the album?  Ok…Stop ! Let’s finish one version first, launch it and let the users decide. :-)

The Khmer Language Application as a web-app

Like every web app you will not find this app in the Apple store or at Google but the app is easily accessible and available for all smartphones via a link.

Khmer & More :)iiCamp - Khmer Web-App - voice filesiiCamp - Khmer Web App - Information about Cambodia Khmer Web-App : our Friends :)

Functions of the app:

  • Words of the Khmer language for reading and listening, each word with four different speakers
  • Infos about Cambodia
  • Information about our project
  • Photos for the itchy feet
  • And very important about our Friends!

Khmer Language App - QR Code

Here you can find the app

To access the free web app please use the QR code or this link: www.iicamp.org / webapp . If you like the app it would make us very happy if you tell others about it. If you notice something that might not work, then please write to us info@youcan-trust.org or here in the comments field.

Many thanks :-) Or how the Cambodians say:  អរគុណ ច្រើន

How did we have the idea to develop a Khmer language application for Cambodia?.

Team iiCamp 2012 - Khmer Language AppOnce a year we organize the Intercultural Innovation Camp in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  The development of a Khmer Language Application for tourists was a topic in one of our camps.

Each year we have a different project on the agenda. If you want to find out more about the iiCamp, you will find more information on our website  www.iicamp.org

Just a few words as a personal note

On behalf of all involved, we want to thank you for your interest in this app and we hope you will enjoy using it. If you encounter an error or a mistake please send us a message to app@youcan-trust.org so we can fix it! If you like the app, we encourage you to support us by reporting on it. Recommend this app to your friends or write a review. The money made with this app will directly support young Cambodian students.

Khmer4You | Logo learn Khmer LanguageKhmer4You – the Khmer Language Application for Android

This app to learn Khmer language is available for Android at Google play and also a result of our Interculturual Innovation Camp in collaboration between youth from Cambodia and Germany. More information about this app in our article Khmer4You – the app for you to learn Khmer language! Have fun with it!

The page Khmer Language Application gives you an overview of all versions, which are actually available.

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